Sunday service

confronting the Gates of hell (part 1)

A good General does not just go to battle, before he embarks on any battle, he takes time to study and understand the enemy he is going to confront.  In the same way, you must study the enemy and understand what you are about to confront. The first gate of hell is the gate of… Continue reading confronting the Gates of hell (part 1)

Sunday service


It does not matter where you are right now, what matters is where God is going to take you. Remember how it was with job, when everything had collapse and all seemed lost, he did not lose faith but rather trusted in GOD. True strength of faith is shown when everything seems down. This is the best time to put all your trust in God. Confess His word concerning your situation, speak out especially when the odds are against you, remember the greater the challenge may seem; the greater the miracle, and Gods name would be magnified. Never forget that with GOD all things are possible It is to your advantage, that you put your faith in the God, capable of making things progressively better.