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Confronting Fear (cont)

When you are afraid, don’t run.  When you are afraid, don’t take decisions.  Only very few people have time to think strategically; a lot a led by the herd mentality. Fear is a serious disease of the heart and you must recognize it as such. Why? Because a fearful person is not in perfect love.… Continue reading Confronting Fear (cont)

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This is one of the widest gates of hell. In Psalm 1:1-6, the Bible calls it the ungodly. Ultimate destruction awaits the ungodly.  The worst thing that can happen to the godly is to frolic with the ungodly and end up where they will end. Everyone you come in across in life is a gate,… Continue reading CONFRONTING THE GATES OF HELL IV- THE GATE OF EVIL/WRONG ASSOCIATION

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Gen 39:21 - The Lord was with Joseph, He showed him mercy and gave him favour. One of the secrets of divine favour/grace is the presence of God. The greatest you can be is to be God's own; no one can protect like Him. Psa 27:4-6. As long as the spiritual atmosphere is right, the… Continue reading COVENANT OF INFINITE GRACE

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Do you want your future to be different from your past? change your prayer pattern. If you want change, you must do things differently. Set targets for yourself , here are some God habits that can change your life.......................

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Are you having financial challenges? do you know that with God all things are possible? do you want to tap into the fullness of your allotted inheritance in Christ Jesus? Confess the following scriptures:Gen. 17:1-7, Deut. 8:18, Psa. 84:11, 35:27, John 10:10, Gal. 4:28, III John 2, Phil. 4:19 and pray the following prayers........

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Divine health/healing (Covenant prayers)

Health is superior to healing. Those who are healthy need no healing; when you walk in divine health, sickness, disease and affliction will be far from you. Note that if it is possible to walk in divine health for one day, it is possible for you to walk in divine health for one week, one… Continue reading Divine health/healing (Covenant prayers)

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The Life-giving Spirit

After God created man, He breathed into him and man became a living soul. That breath is the Holy Spirit. Death is nothing but separation; once the breath that makes man a living soul departs, he will be declared dead. The Greek word for spirit is the same as breathe - 'pneuma'. That is why… Continue reading The Life-giving Spirit