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A gate is defined as a movable structure within an opening that controls entrance and exit. Every good General studies the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy to enable him strategize. Nobody can successfully overcome an enemy he has not properly placed. Psalm 24:9 – This scripture reveals that gates have heads; this was a… Continue reading CONFRONTING THE GATES OF HELL II – CLASSIFICATION OF GATES


Total Liberation From Evil Altars

The headquarters of all evil altars is hell. Satan is originator of evil. That is why his name is devil, the evil one. He was not created evil. He became evil through the exercise of his free will in wrong choices. He was Lucifer, the anointed cherub (Ezek. 28:12-17). Pride dethroned him. One thing about evil is its self-destroying nature. Evil will ultimately consume those that condone it. Another thing about it is the universality. Evil has no colour barrier. Evil has been judged on the cross at Calvary. It has a limited lifespan. Central to the subject of altars is worship. Satan was the choirmaster in heaven before he fell (Ezek. 28:13).After his fall, he began to corrupt worship through idolatry the worship of the creature instead of the Creator. Today, idolatry is so pervasive that many actually worship Jehovah on the altar of Baal. Idolatry is using God and worshiping things. Anything you have enthroned side-by-side God in your heart is an idol. God in His absolute holiness hates and punishes sin, especially the sin of idolatry. The easiest way to go into satanic bondage is idolatry. Satan and his fallen angels, demons, operate freely through evil altars. Evil altars are highways to hell. Deut. 12:1-3. Notice the choice of words in the scriptures above: “utterly destroy”, “overthrow”, “break and burn with fire”, “hew down”. The divine prescription for dealing with evil altars is total annihilation. (Continue reading..)

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confronting the Gates of hell (part 1)

A good General does not just go to battle, before he embarks on any battle, he takes time to study and understand the enemy he is going to confront.  In the same way, you must study the enemy and understand what you are about to confront. The first gate of hell is the gate of… Continue reading confronting the Gates of hell (part 1)

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Gen 39:21 - The Lord was with Joseph, He showed him mercy and gave him favour. One of the secrets of divine favour/grace is the presence of God. The greatest you can be is to be God's own; no one can protect like Him. Psa 27:4-6. As long as the spiritual atmosphere is right, the… Continue reading COVENANT OF INFINITE GRACE

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Do you want your future to be different from your past? change your prayer pattern. If you want change, you must do things differently. Set targets for yourself , here are some God habits that can change your life.......................

covenant prayers


Are you having financial challenges? do you know that with God all things are possible? do you want to tap into the fullness of your allotted inheritance in Christ Jesus? Confess the following scriptures:Gen. 17:1-7, Deut. 8:18, Psa. 84:11, 35:27, John 10:10, Gal. 4:28, III John 2, Phil. 4:19 and pray the following prayers........

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Divine health/healing (Covenant prayers)

Health is superior to healing. Those who are healthy need no healing; when you walk in divine health, sickness, disease and affliction will be far from you. Note that if it is possible to walk in divine health for one day, it is possible for you to walk in divine health for one week, one… Continue reading Divine health/healing (Covenant prayers)